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20x24 Photo on Canvas

20x24 Photo on Canvas

Border Options

Mirror Wrap

With this option we mirror the outside edge of your canvas and use it to wrap around the side to the back. This allows us to achieve the gallery wrap look without clipping your image.

Gallery Wrap

With this option your image goes around the sides all the way to the back of the wood frame where it is stapled. This wrapping style clips 3/4 of an inch off of each edge of your image on standard 3/4 inch stretcher bar, and 1.5 off each edge of your image on 1.5 inch stretcher bar.

Black Wrap

Black on the sides of your canvas.


White Wrap

White on the sides of your canvas.



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Wrapping Style
Stretcher Bar Thickness
Convert Color to Black & White or Sepia
Style Options
Collage Options
Hanging Kit & Dust Cover
Image Notes


“Senta and Hugh Parker,
Hi! I just wanted to tell you thank you so very much… I received my canvas print today and it looks AMAZING. I gave it to my mother for her birthday and she loves it! She pretty much had tears falling from her eyes when she saw it, we both think you do beautiful work. I feel you truly brought out the essence of the photo. I appreciate both of you for doing this for me, and being so kind during the whole process of getting the details correct. I am for sure going to come back to you again for future canvas. Again, thank you so very much for everything.”

M. S. | California | 2009

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