Blog » L.H. | Virginia | 2011

Hey Hugh and Zaza Gallery – MANY MANY thanks for the canvas prints which I received today. I’m in LOVE with it. I am OVER the MOON with your results. The exposure is absolutely perfect and the colors and crop look spot on. I am thrilled and look very much forward to getting more canvases from you. I also very much appreciate that you are using the best quality process and inks. That means a lot to me. I love the fact that it’s archival. The result is truly spectacular. Next week I am going to order another one of the same image as a gift for my mother – I know she’ll want it when she visits me this spring. I also wanted to say that today I received the 3rd canvas and it is ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!! I’m SO SO APPRECIATIVE of the exposure- it IS just like on my screen and no darker- and the skin tone is 100% what I hoped for – no green cast. I’ve had National Geographic here in Washington do 3 (embarrassing, I know) Lambda prints of it and I’ve never framed them because the prints look just too dark and the skin cast was not optimal. I also think your ‘blur’ option is terrific- nice smooth transition to the wall. Anyway, as you can tell, I’m keen to get more orders in and will be doing so in the near future. Many thanks again!

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