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Offering Custom Canvas Prints For Family Portraits

For artists and photographers, family portraits have always been a staple of business. People love to see, remember, and show off their family to everyone around them which means that they love to have different family portraits created throughout their lives. And, with the popularity of canvas prints in today’s world, custom canvas prints of family portraits are becoming more and more popular. If you are an artist or photographer that does not offer family portraits as custom canvas prints to your customers, here are some great points to remember when you are determining if you can offer them without raising your costs:

1. Durability: Canvas prints offer a way for your customers to enjoy their family portraits for many generations to come. Since canvas prints are created with techniques that have been refined over the years and with materials that will ensure they last over a hundred years, it is easy to offer custom canvas prints to your customers that come in for family portraits and let them know that these prints will be around for their children or grandchildren. The different archival inks, canvas quality, and the treatment techniques that are used on custom canvas prints today have been tested and researched so that we can be sure that they will last over one hundred years before they ever start to show wear and tear like paper prints will.

2. Beauty: Custom canvas prints are a real work of art and resemble hand-painted oil or acrylic paintings. Your customers will be thrilled with the finished product, especially when it will look like they spent a ton of money on them when they really didn’t, and it will give them the opportunity to show off their family to those who come to their home or office. The beauty of these custom canvas prints is easy to see, especially when the finished product is displayed.

3. Reproduction: There will always be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members who will see the custom canvas prints of these family portraits and want one for their own homes. By using canvas printers for these family portraits, it’s easy to have them recreated so that other people in the family can enjoy them as well. And, by simply saving the picture in a digital format, you can have any custom canvas print recreated when needed.

4. Cost: Believe it or not, but custom canvas prints are not expensive. Therefore, you can easily offer them to your customers without costing them an arm and a leg to have this beautiful work of art in their home or office.

It is easy to show your customers the benefits of custom canvas prints when they are ordering their family portraits from you. Once you show them the different perks to having custom canvas prints of any of their favorite family pictures, the only problem might be them choosing the photo to have printed.

What Are Giclee Canvas Prints?

Many people that are new to the canvas printing world are not quite family with some of the terms that describe the different types of prints, inks, canvas, techniques and more; Giclee is one of them. Giclee is actually a name that was invented by Jack Duganne in 1991 to describe the process of creating beautiful fine art prints from any type of digital source that uses ink-jet printers to print them. The word itself is taken from a French word, “le gicleur”, which means “nozzle”. Although “gicler” in French actually means “to squire, spurt, or spray” which more accurately describes the way that these art prints are created with an inkjet printer. Giclee canvas prints have become a wonderfully beautiful way to show off different forms of digital art, from photography to abstract to art created on the computer.

With the wonderful advancements in archival inks and canvas treatments, these Giclee canvas prints are created with specialized materials that are designed especially for these types of canvas prints. The colors in the inks can cover just about any color imaginable, which means that any artist’s renderings will come out beautifully clear on any type of canvas print. Even though some artists still use the ink-jet to print paper copies of their artwork in a mass production, there are those that still consider them “paintings” of sorts and only create Giclee canvas prints that are created for a specific customer or for sale in galleries.

Today, Giclee canvas prints are more associated with those artistic creations that are actually done on the computer through some of the different editing software that is out on the Internet. From abstract art works to portraits created completely on a computer, there are so many talented artists that are creating Giclee canvas prints that sell for thousands of dollars and offer a beautiful way to enjoy digital art throughout your home or office. With the different advancements in the inks and treatments that canvas printers use on their canvas prints, these Giclee canvas prints can last well over 100 years which means that anyone that invests in them will easily be able to enjoy and pass these art works down through generations.

Giclee canvas prints are becoming an art form that extremely talented computer artists are using to bring their talents to the world. Since they can offer beautifully created Giclee canvas prints cheaper than they can physically paint a picture, it’s easy to see why there are so many digital artists out there who are falling in love with having their works printed on canvas.

Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Photography For Large Canvas Prints

Ready to take some of those pictures that you love and turn them into large canvas prints to hang and show off? Before you take off and start editing your photographs, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks that will help you choose the right processes for your photos that will allow for the very best printing on canvas and give you the most beautiful large canvas prints:

1. Black and white always make clean, classic large canvas prints. From the early days of photography, black and white has always been a way to create a classic, clean look to any photo. It is very elegant as well, and can be a way to create beautiful large canvas prints of portraits of a single person at a time. Black and white can give you a way to capture the true beauty of an image without worrying about matching and balancing colors, and so on.
2. Adding one color hues to black and white photography can produce beautiful results. There are so many great photo editing programs out there that will allow you to add in only one hue to a black and white photograph, such as blue or pink. Now, you do want to make sure that you use this type of editing sparingly, as overusing it in a photograph that you want to have turned into large canvas prints can actually make your images look bad in the finished product.
3. Full spectrum photography can be a fun way to filter your photographs and create extremely unique photographs on large canvas prints – In full spectrum photography, the photographer (or editor) uses special filters that take pictures with ultraviolet or infrared filters to create specific results. While most of the time, these filters are used in law enforcement, geology, and even forensics, they are also becoming a staple of the artist photography world.
4. Color photography is sometimes best – Sometimes, an image or art piece is just too busy to use any other type of editing or filter on it and it is best to leave it in the original color photograph form. You will know as you start to play with the different editing tools that can create different filters on your photographs. It your photograph just starts to look odd or wrong then you will know to change it back to the original image and have large canvas prints created of that photograph.

You want to make sure that you try out some of the different forms and filters when it comes to your photography and editing before you have large canvas prints created, as after they are done it is too late if they look bad. Editing them at home can be a great way to ensure that you get beautiful large canvas prints every time.

Are Canvas Prints Here to Stay?

If your unfamiliar with the emerging craze of putting photos onto art canvas, in a sentence it is a budding contemporary art movement that you’re going to be seeing more in more often, not only in homes and offices, but also in photography and art galleries. This new media for displaying photographs is truly stunning. It is an intermingling of the modern digital photography with the classic use of canvas in paintings. Surprisingly, the process of putting photos on canvas is quite simple. A professional digital photo of any subject, be it a landscape, person, object, or anything else you can think of is printed onto canvas using high tech photo printers with specialized materials. The result is half art half photo, with the definition and detailing you would expect of a real life snapshot but with vivid texture-derived details that can only be accomplished with canvas. Better yet, canvas prints can be in full vibrant color, black and white, or anything in between.

Despite the glowing praise canvas prints are receiving more and more today, there are still a lot of people expressing distinct concerns over their validity as a real print medium. These concerns involve the longevity of the print permanence, durability of the product, and whether or not canvas prints are unique enough to have the staying power to be a lasting print solution. These often voiced concerns are not surprising, given that there is always some commotion surrounding innovative processes, especially in the artistic world.

To address the concerns, let’s first discuss the durability of the actual canvas print product. The photograph is first printed onto the canvas, which is then sealed and stretched over traditional art canvas stretcher bar. Therefore, it is as strong and sturdy as any artwork on canvas. Additionally, because of the process and treatment of canvas prints they’re nowhere near as vulnerable to the elements, or even mishandling as oil or acrylic paintings on canvas are. It is absolutely impossible to smudge a digital photo on canvas, and the canvas sealer makes it nearly waterproof, as well as resistant to dust, scratches, and impervious to finger prints.

Not only are canvas prints durable, but they also have an impressive longevity – also known as print permanence in the photo world. This type of media is not prone to easy fading. In reasonable climates, low in humidity, it is even possible to display canvas prints outdoors without much impact on the print’s longevity. Whether indoors or outdoors, a canvas print kept out of direct sunlight can last for many, many years – even decades. Under ideal display conditions a canvas print can keep for over 100 years without any signs of fading, as tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research. The sealers used to finish canvas prints also make the print nearly waterproof, ie: one can hold a canvas print from ZaZa Gallery under running water without seeing any signs of damage.

As you can no doubt see, canvas prints are not just a fad, they are a new and innovative way of printing your precious photos. Canvas is a medium that adds beauty, uniqueness, and lifespan to any print, and canvas prints make wonderful, classy display pieces for the home or office.

Canvas Prints Make Excellent Buys For Your Customers

When it comes to professional photography, there are so many different photographers that are beginning to offer their customers canvas prints of their favorite photos instead of just normal paper prints. They try it one time, and then they will swear by canvas prints and try to make sure every customer they have gets one.

It’s not just the extreme beauty that makes canvas prints so great for photographers to offer to their customers. They also offer a great way to increase your profits while providing the highest quality canvas prints to your customers that will last for over a hundred years. Simply try printing photos on canvas once and you will become a firm believer in what they can do for you and your customers.

When you stop to think about the benefits of canvas prints, it’s so easy to see that they far outweigh the normal paper prints. Take out any paper photo you have and compare it to a canvas print. See how the paper photo looks flat and artificial? See how the texture of the canvas brings the photo to life? Think about those beautiful masterpieces hanging in museums around the world. Canvas paintings last hundreds of years since canvas is so durable.

But some photographers think that canvas prints are extremely expensive or that it’s impossible to create larger prints due to some of the processes used to create them. With all of the advances in the printing process, the archival inks that are used today are no where near as expensive as they once were. And, even the most difficult process in printing on canvas, stretching it around the frame, isn’t that expensive either. Actually, it is the hand stretching of the canvas on the frame that make it so durable and sturdy to last for generations to come. It doesn’t mean that it will be more expensive, it only means that you are getting high quality work from a trained professional canvas printer that your customers will fall in love with immediately.

Don’t let the small details of how canvas prints are created get in the way of offering this great opportunity to your customers. These are not only a great way to offer them a museum quality print that will actually last for generations, but they are a great way to increase your own profits. ZaZa Gallery is solely a professional canvas printer that allows you to outsource your photos to them for printing and still provides the highest quality materials and service, producing the best possible print. If you really want to choose a canvas printer that will take their time and do the job right, not just with machines that can cause problems with the overall print, then order from ZaZa Gallery.

If you can get a canvas print that is museum quality and will last for over a hundred years, it is easy to see why your customers would choose it. And, since the costs are low enough to create a great way to increase your bottom line, why would you not offer it to them?

Add Value To Your Photos By Using Canvas Prints

Have you ever wondered why there is such a big difference in how an original oil painting looks in a museum and how a print of that same painting looks on paper? Maybe they use different types of inks, maybe it’s just that it’s under glass – right? Actually it’s all about the canvas. Paper gives an art work a flat look, no life whatsoever in the people, places, or things in the picture. Yet, canvas has texture and depth, and offers a wonderfully unique way to bring anything to life on a flat surface. When the inks or paints meet with the canvas’ textured surface, it’s so easy to create eyes that seem to follow you, waves that seem to lap at the shores, and clouds that seem to change as you walk along.

Don’t you wish that you could bring that wonder to your photos? It seems that some photos are just begging to have another chance at coming to life and recreating those memories again. How do you do that? How can you make normal pictures suddenly seem to leap off their flat surfaces and touch your heart once more? Easy, have them printed on canvas.

Canvas prints offer something that paper just cannot – the ability to bring anything to life by simply hanging it where you want to see it. Since canvas offers a wonderful texture to your photos, they will take on a whole new life all their own. Your favorite memories will sparkle and shine just like they did when you took the photo. And, they make wonderful gifts for anyone in your life, by offering them those same great memories that they miss as well.

Canvas prints have been growing in popularity over the past few years and they offer a wonderful way to ensure that your favorite photos will last for generations to come. But, printing on canvas isn’t something just anyone can do, it takes practice and skill to ensure that every picture you print on canvas provides the same museum quality work. It’s not something that you want to leave to chance, you want someone familiar with the whole process – from the inks to the treatments to the right canvas – and not someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

When a canvas print is created, there is a lot that goes into the process. A canvas print has to be worked by hand, stretched, sealed, and wrapped so that the canvas will last. It also has to be treated correctly to protect it from the environment. And, the inks have to be the right type as well so your print doesn’t fade within a few years. Without any one of these particular things being done by a professional, your beautiful canvas print might not last even a quarter as long.

But don’t think that just because this is such a long process that canvas prints are too expensive for you to purchase. In fact, they are actually extremely affordable, especially when you consider that you will have to print a photo and then purchase a mat and frame for it. It’s easy to spend more on the framing than it is to just have a canvas print made. Don’t waste your time any longer, trying to save those favorite photos from damage or wear. Have them printed on canvas to preserve those memories for generations to come.

Should You Frame Canvas Prints?

Photo and photography lovers will often spend the extra time and money to ensure that their precious memories are commited to a form that will last as long as possible on display. Pricey frames, mats, and glass are used to both protect the image as well as add to its beauty and display value. With all the energy and money that goes into preserving photos, it’s not at all surprising that more and more photographers and consumers are gravitating towards putting their photos on canvas.

Canvas prints have been proven by Wilhelm Imaging Research to last up to and over 100 years without signs up fading when displayed under “reasonable” conditions – basically anywhere that doesn’t have excessive humidity or UV rays. That’s 10 times longer than typical traditional photo prints. Many people accustomed to framing photos and shielding them behind glass have wondered if the same steps need to be taken to preserve canvas prints.

While it is completely possible and not unusual for canvas prints to be framed, it actually is not a necessity. In fact, part of the draw and novelty of printing photos on canvas is that a wrapped print is considered a completely finished product. Canvas prints from ZaZa Gallery can be taken from their packaging and hung directly on a nail – there’s no more to it than that.

When ordering a picture on canvas you’ll come across different wrapping styles and options that effect the way your canvas print looks. Gallery wrapped photos on canvas are the most common style, and the one acredited most often as being “finished”. With this style the edges of the photo print are wrapped around a ¾ – 1 ½ inch stretcher bar. With no additional frame, this gives the print an almost 3-D appearance. The edges of the stretched canvas actually become a part of the overall display look.

Gallery wrapped canvas prints are not always the best choice for every photo, however. You see, the image itself is used to wrap around those edges which can be as wide as 1.5 inches. So, thats a full 3 inches of the images width and height that are no longer displayed on the face of the image. For photos like portraits, or small prints that may only be 8×10 inches to begin with this can make up a considerable loss of front-facing photo. With portraits this often means that the subjects extremeties might become “cut off”, and that just doesn’t look good.

If you still want the uniqueness of a gallery wrap without the loss of precious image inches you can instead opt for a Mirror Wrap. ZaZa Gallery is the only leading canvas print producer that offers this option. With this, the photo editor actually takes the edges of your image and mirrors them. Then, “weird” looking extras like hands and fingers (sometimes even whole people) are edited out of the photo to make it look much more clean and nice. You get the look of a gallery wrap without your image being cropped. There is no additional fee for this service.

So, as you can see, a gallery or mirror wrapped photo on canvas from ZaZa Gallery really is a finished product, meant to be displayed “as is”. There is no need for a frame or glass because the wrap style itself is part of the beauty of the print. Black or White wrapped prints (sometimes referred to as “museum” wraps can also be displayed as finished products, and can give your print a very classy and clean look. These styles are also well suited to framing, if that is something you really would like to do. There is no harm or added difficulty in framing a canvas print – in fact it can make your print even more beautiful.

Just remember, most frames won’t accomidate a 1.5 inch stretcher bar (essentially the print is 1.5 inches “deep”) but the standard ¾ inch wrap works just fine. Whether you choose to frame or not to, canvas prints will still last years longer than photo print equivilents and have a unique and stunning appearance.

Museum Quality Canvas Prints In Just a Few Easy Steps

Who doesn’t love to see those wonderful paintings hanging in a museum or art gallery? And, who hasn’t sat in front of one of these priceless works of art and had some feeling conveyed to them simply due to the way that the painting pops off the canvas? It seems that paintings that are done on canvas seem to pop right out at you, create unique feelings in you, and bring you deeper into the painting than just a flat photograph can. Everything in the painting suddenly comes alive and inspires you deep inside – just like a masterpiece should.

Paintings on canvases move people to do things, whether it’s feel a certain way or go out and start painting themselves. Is it because of the strokes that you can see? The colors that are rich and vibrant in a canvas painting after hundreds of years? Or maybe because of the texture of the canvas itself? It’s a mix of everything and it helps to create something truly unique that generations cherish.

Of course, with photography, it’s sometimes extremely hard to evoke these same feelings in someone. Paper is just flat, and even if it’s matted and framed beautifully, it’s hard to really be able to create a work that pops right out at someone. Until now.

Canvas prints allow any photograph to suddenly come alive in the way that an oil painting does. These prints allow a simple photograph to turn into a 3-D, textured work that seems to jump right off the canvas at you, and evoke special feelings every time you look at it. And, when you gallery wrap a canvas print, you create an even better feel of a museum painting right in your living room.

Gallery wrapping is when a canvas print is stretched enough that the sides of the photo are actually wrapped around the frame, allowing the picture to have a 3-D feel to it. It’s one of the most beautiful ways to have a canvas print stretched, and one that so many people choose. These types of canvas prints look great anywhere and with any type of photo, from vacations to weddings to abstract art.

And, they are extremely simple to have printed. Anyone can simply upload their photos to a canvas printer’s website and the printer does the rest. Once a photo is uploaded, the printer then has it edited to fit on the canvas, prints it with special archival inks, and then has it stretched onto the canvas. By choosing gallery wrapping, your photo will suddenly take on a life of it’s own, and will be delivered to you as a whole new way of seeing your favorite memory and photo.

Gallery wrapped photos are the perfect way to remember your wedding, your graduation, that island vacation, your children’s baby photos, and so much more. There are so many beautiful ways to take your favorite photos and turn them into canvas prints that will last for generations and offer something truly unique to be passed down to your children and grandchildren.

Let the professionals at ZaZa Gallery help you create a timeless masterpiece of your favorite family photos by gallery wrapping them onto a beautiful canvas print. We can help edit, sharpen, and create the perfect picture to be placed on canvas so that you will feel the same feelings that you did when the picture was taken every single time you see it.

Change The Way You See Digital Photos Through Canvas Prints

It’s funny to see how digital photography has changed the way that we take pictures. If you think back just ten years ago, you’ll see that you took a lot less pictures then than you do now. Why? Is it because you had less to remember? It is because there just weren’t good photos to take? No, it’s because now you have digital cameras, easy uploads, and email to share your pictures all around the world in the blink of an eye. No longer do you only get to take twenty or so pictures at a time, you can take hundreds at once, giving you the option to snap away at events, your family, or whatever you feel like taking a picture of – and it won’t cost you any more that if you just took two pictures. Plus, you can instantly see these pictures and delete any that are bad or retake if needed.

These wonderful digital photos are great because they are easy to share as well. Anyone with a computer can easily email photos around the world and share their events by uploading photos online. So, those great digital pictures that you took of your child’s first birthday, your wedding, first day of school, or anything else can suddenly be shared to all of your family and friends in less than a few minutes.

But there is still something extra special about having hard copies of your favorite photos. It doesn’t matter if they are just placed in a photo album or if they are framed and hung on your wall – having a way to show off your photos can be a source of pride to any amateur photographer. And, one of the very best ways to have these photos shown off in a way that will instantly make them a focal point is by having them turned into a canvas print.

Of course, you can’t turn around and hang a digital photo on your wall unless it’s in a hard copy form. And, if you have friends and family over, it’s awful hard to show off all of your favorite photos on your computer. A computer just isn’t ideal to show off photos that you really want everyone to see when they come over. Yet, if you have those precious memories transferred over to a breathtaking canvas print, people will instantly see them when they walk into a room and will notice how beautiful they are. You won’t have to shell out money for paintings or for prints of paintings, you will have your own canvas prints to create a focal point and provide a museum quality piece for any room in your home. With just a few canvas prints, you will suddenly have a special art exhibit in your own home to show off.

Think about it, that favorite picture you show to everyone can suddenly be turned into a museum quality work that has such a special place in any room that people will instantly notice it. Plus, canvas offers a medium to print your digital photos on that will last for generations, instead of just for a few years, like a paper print will. You can easily order canvas prints of your favorite pictures online and have a beautiful, museum quality canvas print sent right to your door. ZaZa Gallery is one of the leaders of providing breathtaking canvas prints from digital photos and we can help turn your favorite photos into a work of art that you will cherish forever.

Canvas Prints Are The New Way To Share Your Photos With The World

Technology in the photography world is constantly changing – from the boom of digital photography to canvas prints, it’s easy to see why this market is always popular. Now that digital cameras are in just about every household, photos are becoming easier to take, easier to share, and easier to show off. You can now capture those precious memories of any part of your life without worrying about film, development costs, and all of those factors that used to prevent us from taking too many pictures.

With the developments in the canvas printing world, photos are not just stuck with being those old glossy, unrealistic photos that we know from past generations. When you print a photo on canvas, you can give your family and friends a natural look to them that only an oil painting can provide. These artistic qualities that oil paintings produce can easily be created with a digital photo to provide the most unique way to remember that time or person in your life. With the differences in types of digital cameras, scanners, and more, it’s also easy to see how you can edit a photo to evoke the feelings that you desire when it’s printed on a canvas print.

One of the main advantages to canvas prints are their durability. They are all sealed with special sealant that will protect them from the elements, environment, and almost anything else that you can throw at it for generations to come. The way that they are sealed makes them extremely durable, so that they won’t show the slightest signs of fading for almost a hundred years – can you say that about those old Polaroids you have?

You might be thinking that canvas prints are expensive to make if they have to use special inks and sealers, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The prices of canvas prints start as low as $30 (depending on the size and requirements of the customer), and even the larger canvas prints are extremely affordable so that you can place those priceless memories onto a canvas that will last for generations to enjoy and relive your favorite memories. You don’t have to pay those prices for an original oil painting at some department store – create the same look for a fraction of the price with your own precious photos.

Plus, canvas prints make a wonderful gift for anyone in your life – from family to friends to business acquaintances. They are a great way to offer a unique gift that they will remember for a long time and something that they can be proud to show off. When you consider all of the great editing that can be done with digital photography these days, it’s easy to find the perfect photo to have transformed into a canvas print as a gift.

Editing software can help to enhance any photo you choose. From brightening the colors to sharpening the lines, there is so much that can be done to create a wonderful work of photographic art on canvas. It’s easy to change your favorite photos so many different ways, that you might have trouble figuring out which one you like the best!

Let the professionals at ZaZa Gallery help you with editing and printing your favorite photos on canvas. There is so much that can be done to preserve your memories and create unique gifts that you will be amazed at them all and at how cheap you can have canvas prints created.